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We are proud to be Georgia's first and only provider of Human Aquamation


What is Aquamation?

The scientific name of aquamation is alkaline hydrolysis, although it is sometimes called green cremation, flameless cremation, water cremation, or dissolution. No matter the name, they all mean the same thing. Aquamation is an accelerated version of our body's natural decomposition process. It uses a gentle flow of warm (never boiling) water with an alkaline solution to give us an end result of water and bones. 


Whether you choose burial, fire cremation, or aquamation, they all end with the same product, our bodies most basic element, bone ash. With burial, soil and microorganisms facilitate this process and it can take up to 25 years to complete. A fire cremation can do this in about 3 hours. With aquamation, the process may take up to 18 hours, but it is done so in a more gentle, environmentally conscious way. 



Why choose Aquamation?

For environmentally conscious families and those who desire a process less abrasive than the practice of fire cremation, aquamation is an excellent choice. Aquamation is actually an accelerated version of natural decomposition. At the end of the process, the body's soft tissues have been dissolved in water and the remaining dust/ash can be returned to the earth.



How is Aquamation eco-friendly? 

Aquamation is an environmentally sustainable choice—more so than fire cremation—because the process emits nothing into the atmosphere. Aquamation offers these sustainable advantages over standard cremation:  

  • No emissions: no vaporized mercury is emitted and no filtration or abatement systems are required. Mercury from dental amalgams is retained and recycled.  
  • Low carbon footprint: Aquamation uses less fossil fuel and produces fewer greenhouse gases. Its carbon impact is one quarter of the impact of fire cremation. Caskets are not burned, which limits the production of CO2 and the destruction of natural resources.
  • Energy efficient: uses one-tenth of the energy of fire cremation
  • Safe effluent (the by-product), uncontaminated by harmful chemicals or bacteria
  • No surgical removal of pacemakers is required.
  • Medical implants are unaffected and their materials recycled, where possible.
  • The process produces a completely sterile solution of amino acids, sugars, nutrients, salts, and soap in a water
    solution. These are the byproducts of natural decomposition.
  • Because Aquamation uses electricity, it will move into the future as our society improves infrastructure for cleaner energy sources – like wind, water, and solar energy.


We are born to this world from water.

Water nurtures us throughout our life. 

Many of us are baptized in water.

Now we may return to the Earth in water, a part of the natural cycle of life, our elements reabsorbed as nature intended. 

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